Our Mission

The French Bible Society is committed to ensuring that the Word of God is accessible to all French-speaking people and that all French-speaking people have access to the Word of God. The mission of the French Bible Society is to:

- Spread the Good News by translating the Bible
- Stimulate interest in the Bible
- Provide resources to better understand the Bible




Our History

In 1947, a unification between the Protestant Bible Society of Paris, Biblical Society of France, and the French branch of the British Foreign Bible Society created what we now know as the French Bible Society (FBS). Although the term FBS did not appear until 1947, its roots can be dated back to 1818 when the Protestant Bible Society of Paris was founded. The FBS is a founding member of the United Bible Societies, created in 1947.

Today, the French Bible Society distributes 150,000 Bibles every year, has 70,000 Bibles and applications downloaded, with over 30 million chapters read or listened to on a portable device, and 200 volunteers. 


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