Giving young adults another way to look at the Bible

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Designed with young adults in mind, since 2011 ZeBible is a great way for younger Christians and non-Christians to interact with the Bible in a way that is sensitive to them and their culture. ZeBible is directly targeted toward people ages 15-25 and assumes no prior knowledge on behalf of the reader. With helpful information about who Biblical charaters are and devotionals, ZeBible is a helpful resource for young adults to dig deeper into the Word of God.

Psalms 139:1-6

Through well thought out graphics and sensitivity to the technological age we live in, more than 100,000 copies of the ZeBible have been sold. In addition, ZeBible’s facebook page has received over 40,200 likes and over 3,000 followers on Twitter.

As the new ZeBible édition has been launched in 2021, the French Bible Society is currently working on an updated version of the website and tools !

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