Named after Louis Segond (1810-1885) whose translation was used by protestant churches for a century, the New Segond Bible is a classic translation that has been fully updated to fit a modern perspective.

In French-speaking countries, there was a need for a Bible translation that came as close to the original Hebrew and Greek as possible. Because of this need, the New Segond Bible was created.

The New Segond Bible, while intended for everyone, is especially directed toward those who have a desire to know exactly what the original text says. In a way, this is a Bible for scholars, for those who want to understand the Bible on a deeper level, for people who want to study the Bible.

With very detailed introductions to each book of the Bible, notes on the interpretation of the texts, color maps and much more, the New Segond Bible gives readers the ability to know the Bible more fully.

The New English Bible - Edition of

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