What is “The Street Bible”?
This project consists in creating and printing a “Bible of the street”, intended for the homeless. It was set up at the request of structures working with the homeless and wishing to have a Bible available to distribute to them. Indeed, the existing ones unfortunately do not meet the needs of their beneficiaries. The aim is for this Street Bible to be available at the end of 2022 to be distributed to the homeless around Christmas. A beautiful gift in perspective!

What will this Bible contain?
By creating a Street Bible, the intuition is to have a tool that meets the needs of the homeless. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the contents of this Bible, elaborated thanks to their remarks:
– Use of the Word of Life version, a translation accessible to the greatest number and particularly suitable for people of foreign origin.
– Large print, as homeless people do not always have good access to care and may have sight problems.
– Implementation of QR Codes to refer to useful sites for the homeless (115, Entourage, etc.).
– A format with zipper so that the Bible is protected from the weather as much as possible and that the homeless can use it to store important papers.

What will the money raised be used for?
The cost of making a Street Bible is €20. Associations working with the homeless are ready to pay an amount of €5 per Bible. We must therefore find the remaining sum. With a donation of €15, you help to offer a Bible to a homeless person.

Through this crowdfunding, we hope to fund 2,000 Street Bibles!

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