The goal of the French Bible Society (FBS) is to put the Bible within everyone’s reach.

“Everyone” includes those in prison.

The FBS has created an entire program, Words of Freedom, and a Bible that is specifically designed for those who find themselves in a prison environment. The goal of this project is to show these men and women that they are not alone. There are many examples in the Bible of men and women who endured imprisonment.

The FBS relies heavily on Jesus’ words in Matthew:

“I was in prison, and you came to see me ...
Whenever you did that to one of my brothers,
to one of the youngest, you did it to me. “

The cover of the Bible

Matthew 25.36

Jesus Christ makes it clear that the gospel is for everybody and the FBS does their part by making sure those in prison know there is freedom in God the Father.

To learn more about the French Bible Society’s project “The Bible in Prison,” click the link below.